Explain the admission and visa procedure

Once you submit all academic documents, we will start with the admission process. On application, you will be interviewed by the University. On approval, you will be issued offer letter. Once registered with Take Off Educational Consultants, you can start with the visa process. You will be then given a visa manual which includes all the Visa file preparation details. (Liquid Assets, Format of Affidavit, Affidavit of Oath, Covering Letter and with that visa form which has to be filled up by the student applicant.)

How many photograqphs are required?

4 passport size photographs.

What is eCoe?

Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment.

How can I get my eCoe?

By paying fees to the University, you can get the eCOE. You are also required to sign the acceptance of offer of the university.

When eCoe is required?

Before lodging the visa file.

Where do we send medical in case of paper file?

New Delhi. These will be sent directly by the examining doctor.

Medicals are to be done within which time framework?

Within 28 days

Can I go to any doctor for my medicals?

No. You have to get your medicals done only from the list of panel doctors provided by Australian High Commission.

For how many weeks can I go for ELICOS?

Not more than 30 weeks.

What is paper file?

In paper file, whole file of the applicant will be submitted at VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd along with the fee draft and VFS charges. The whole file is then forwarded to Austrlian High Commission, New Delhi for further process.

What is 571, 572, 573 aand 574?

Visa subclass

Who are included under visa subclass 572?
Students going for Certificate and TAFE courses (Diploma) fall under this subclass.
How many bands are required in IELTS under visa subclass 572?
Who can sponsor me if I am going under visa subclass 572?
Applicant (Self Sponsor), his parents, grandparents (Paternal and Maternal), Applicant's Spouse, Applicant's Brother and Sister. Spouse of the above acceptable sponsors is considered valid if he is in joint name with the acceptable sponsor.
Can I avail bank loan under visa subclass 572 and how long the funds have to be maintained in his bank account?
Yes. Funds should be maintained for atleast 6 months.
Who are included under visa subclass 573?
Students going for higher educarion diploma, higher education advanced diploma, Bachelors, Associate degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate diploma and Masters by coursework fall under this subclass.
Who are included under visa subclass 574?
Students going for Masters by research fall under this subclass.
Who can sponsor me for higher education diploma, U.G and P.G courses subclass 573?
Any person.
Explain presentation of theVisa file?
Documents to be arranged as per the document list given by the AHC.
Will I be interviewed by the University during admission process?
Under the current rules, every applicant will be interviewed by the Univeristy during the admission process.
Can I take spouse and child as dependent?
Yes, if a student is going for a course which is of more than one year.
Is sponsorship from USA, U.K. acceptable?


How do I have to pay theVisa fees?
Fees are to be paid by Bank Drafts.
What is Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP)?
SVP is for international students applying with a Confirmation of Enrolment for Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral degree courses at a participating university. Eligible applicants will be assessed under lower migration risk (similar to the current AL 1), regardless of their country of origin.
Which English tests are acceptable for Australia?
IELTS, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Pearson Test of English (PTE) and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE).
What is VFS?
VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd is a commercial company working in partnership with the Commonwealth of Australia to provide Australian visa application services in India and Nepal. The Visa Application Centers in India and Nepal collects applications and forward it to Australian high commission New Delhi.
When should I lodge my visa file?
12 to 16 weeks before the commencement of the course.
How long should my passport be valid?
Your passport should be valid for at least six months from the time of lodging theVisa application.