Accreditation is a process by which universities and their programs are recognized for maintaining a certain level of performance and quality. Accreditation is usually done by non-governmental agencies called accreditation bodies. There are two types of accreditation : Regional & Professional.

Regional bodies ascertain whether colleges and universities as a whole meet certain standards of educational quality.

In addition, certain professional accrediting bodies evaluate the quality of education in specific fields like Business, Law etc.

Accredition ensures that universities meet minimum standards. It also helps in increasing the recognition of degree by employers and schools. Most accredited Universities are required to meet certain minimum standards of educational quality and are regularly monitored by accrediting agencies. This ensures that you will receive an education that will be worth your money.

To check out the list of accredited US universities, go to

Government of India recognizes only accredited U.S. universities.

We strongly recommend applying to only accredited universities.