The following checklist will be helpful while applying to a university in USA...

Fall Semester Intake (September/October)

This is the main intake and almost all programs are offered at this time. More financial aid is also available for this semester.

Spring Semester (January/February)

This is the mid-year intake. However, all courses may not be offered in this intake. Whether or not a University will offer a January / February intake can be found out on the respective university's website, university brochures or from our counselors.

There is limited financial assistance available for this semester as most universities allocate funds to projects in the Fall semester. Some universities also have a Summer intake around July.

Application Procedure

Though each University specifies its application procedure / requirements, generally one can apply for admissions through us at Take Off Educational Consultants, where by all application, admission and correspondence services will be provided by us. You can give us all necessary supporting academic documents and we will assist you with the entire admission procedure.

Documents Required for Admission

The following checklist will be helpful while applying to a university in USA...

  1. Application Form
  2. Application fee receipt
  3. Photocopy of passport - with all visa stamp pages and travel dates
  4. Resume
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. GRE / TOEFL / SAT / GMAT score sheets (as applicable)
  7. Transcripts
    • 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standard for Undergraduate students
    • 10th , 12th and Graduation for Graduate students
  8. True copy of all marksheets – all academic year
  9. Recommendation letters of atleast 3 professors / school teachers
  10. True copy of Experience certificate
  11. True copy of Professional or Vocational courses, if any
  12. Original bank balance certificate and CA report only of liquid assets
  13. Original affidavit of support

The evidence of financial support is required by universities to issue the documents needed for visa application. Although it is a requirement for application, it is usually not taken into consideration into factors that determine admission. Most universities make their admission decisions without regard for the source and amount of financial support.

You would be required to submit documentation of your family’s financial resources to help schools assess your need. Most of the universities have their own financial aid form, which you would have to complete.

You would also be required to submit a bank statement demonstrating your financial capacity to support your education in US. Some US state institutions offer tuition waivers to international students in return for some type of educational contribution.